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World's best pole dancers wear Dragonfly pole fitness apparel. Will you give it a try too? Discover your dream pole dance outfit with us.

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Best selling pole dance clothes

Looking for the best pole dance clothes?

We make the best pole shorts, sports bras, crop tops, back warmers and much more. The essential information is that cotton clothes are not very suitable for pole dancing because they don't work with sweat, stick to the body and restrict movement. Dragonfly pole wear made of elastane with Lycra works perfectly even when sweating and does not restrict movement in any way. It withstands a lot of washing cycles, it doesn't soak up sweat and it doesn't stink, as is the case with functional and cotton clothes. Dragonfly is sweatshop-free clothing from a sustainable brand made in the European Union. We produce stylish and highly functional pole dance clothing in our own manufacture. Dragonfly pole wear is extremely comfortable and fits like a glove.

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