Aerial hoop, gymnastics leotards, women's bodysuits

Leotards for Aerial Hoop, Gymnastics and Contortion

    We make comfortable gymnastics leotards suitable for aerial hoop, contortion, dance, ballet, and yoga. Four-way stretch and extremely soft material with Lycra does not restrict movement. Try for example out long sleeve unitard or backless bodysuit yourself and you will immediately feel the difference! Aerial hoop and gymnastics leotards can also be made in custom colors.

    Want to know how the new limited edition was created? Take a look at what it looks like in the Dragonfly manufacture 👇

    Cuts layout

    Responsibility. Efficient. Use every bit of space. Don't waste the fabric.

    Redrawing cuts

    We draw on the back side. Don't get get mixed up, don't change sizes.

    Cutting parts

    Concentration, precision work, watch your fingers, don't make a mistake.

    Halfway there

    Prepare label, assign product ID, move to embroidery, move to sewing.


    Patiently one by one. Watch your fingers. Don't mix colors.


    Precise, take your time. Use your skills. Show me what you got. No compromise.

    Quality check

    Pay attention to quality, double check details, put a hang tag, stick a product ID.


    Smooth it out, fold it nicely, bag it up, protect with recyclabe 4 LDPE bag.


    Stock up, pick, pack, send to the customer. Satisfaction.