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High Waisted Velvet Leggings DragonflyHigh Waisted Velvet Leggings Dragonfly
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Adriana leggings

Pole Dance Long Sleeve Crop Top Dragonfly
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Crop Top Pavi

High Waisted Pole Shorts

Pole Shorts Betty

Velvet pole dance clothing

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Clothing For Heroes ► Enjoy pole dance, bikram yoga and fitness to the fullest with Dragonfly sportswear. A perfect combination of functionality and stylish design.

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Meet Pavi - the new

Long sleeve crop

Ultra-feminine long sleeve crop top. Designed to flatter every size.

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Made in Europe

Every piece of clothing that you wear to pole dance, bikram hot yoga and to the gym is made in one of our own and two external workshops in the European Union. We hand-cut, sew and package every piece of clothing, we supervise over its complete production and only use such material that we swear by. We also love sports, so we know what you expect from sportswear. When developing our clothes...

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