Velvet Pole WearVelvet Pole Wear

4 new
velvet colors

Emerald pole wear

Emerald velvet
is back

Mesh Pole Wear Dragonfly
New colors

Mesh Pole Wear

4 designs, 8 colors
High Waisted Pole Shorts Lola

High Waisted Pole Shorts

Aerial Hoop Unitard
New Unitard

Aerial Hoop Clothing

Clothing For Heroes ► Enjoy pole dance, bikram yoga and fitness to the fullest with Dragonfly sportswear. A perfect combination of functionality and stylish design.

Best Pole Wear Dragonfly
Pole Wear
High waisted, scrunch butt pole shorts Lola 🔝
Scrunch butt shorts
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Lace Pole Wear
The very sexy
Lace Pole Wear
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Aerial Hoop Clothing Dragonfly
Aerial Unitard
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Dragonfly Pole Grip
The best
Pole Dance Grip
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Pole Shorts High Waisted
The best
High Waisted Pole Shorts
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