High Waisted Pole Shorts

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Dragonfly Pole GripDragonfly Pole Grip
Nicole Sports Bra Contortion
The most comfortable

Sports bra

High Waisted Velvet Leggings DragonflyVelvet Leggings Dragonfly
Extremely addictive

Velvet leggings

Limited Edition Pole Wear DragonflyLimited Edition Pole Wear Dragonfly

Clothing For Heroes ► Enjoy pole dance, bikram yoga and fitness to the fullest with Dragonfly sportswear. A perfect combination of functionality and stylish design.

Velvet Pole Wear and Leggings
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Dragonfly Pole Grip
Grip for pole dancers
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Lace Pole Dance Clothing Dragonfly Brand
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Long sleeve crop

Ultra-feminine long sleeve crop top. Designed to flatter every size.

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